r a d i o   k a i k u k a t u   9 2 , 2   m h z

„wandering methodologies” is a workshop that will explore various forms of public engagement on the airwaves, online and in public. the workshop will look at various perspectives to approach site-specific work through narrative, technology, pop culture, subversion, and history. more specifically we will explore ideas through directly engaging the environment and using self-directed methodologies to generate ideas from the act of moving through places.

b r o a d c a s t   t i m e s :

thursday november 29th 2012
2:00 pm: intro to 92,2 radio kaikukatu
2:10 pm: johannes vartola: cultural objects I
2:15 pm: megan snowe: a few desires
2:30 pm: ilpo heikkinen: where the hell are you?
2:45 pm: ellen jeffrey: dialogue
2:55 pm: johannes vartola: cultural objects II
3:00 pm: saša rajšić: a talk
3:15 pm: ina aaltojärvi: something
3:30 pm: juha forss: dead air
4:00 pm: roy boswell: hot hot hot
4:30 pm: johannes vartola: cultural objects III
4:45 pm: dance party (listeners are invited to join us in the studio! details below)

thanks for listening! we are now off air. audiofiles coming soon!

r a n g e   a n d   l o c a t i o n :

students of TeaK and KuvA have come together to bring you Radio Kaikukatu! on thursday, november 29, starting at 2 pm, tune in to 92,2 fm to hear exclusive programming broadcast from our kaikukatu studios. We are located on the 6th floor of KuvA, studio 605. The broadcast signal is only accessible within approximately 1.5 kilometers surrounding kaikukatu 4, the finnish academy of fine arts, helsinki.